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Starkville Family No Stranger To Disasters

Posted by R.H. Brown | July 09, 2012 / 03:34pm | Local News

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-A Starkville family is hit with a disaster they couldn't have seen coming.

For them it's the second major setback within two years.

Their story is one of being steadfast in the midst of adversity.

Just days after a one hundred year old tree comes crashing down on the home of Ron Campbell and his wife Sabrina and their family has shared for the last six years, they survey their damages.

"And I was upstairs where the tree actually fell. And mu husband was under the carport. And like five minutes after we both came in and went down stairs we heard like a cannon. It just really loud and then all the windows shattered," said Sabrina Campbell.

"Five minutes before he walked in the door, the tree fell and demolished it. So if he had been under there or if I had been upstairs, probably wouldn't be talking to you right now," added Campbell.

The Campbells are certainly no strangers when it comes to disastrous close calls.

They witnessed a house fire a year and a half ago while they were holiday shopping in Birmingham.

"Six days before Christmas there was a fire. So the Christmas tree was up and gifts and all that was there and," said Campbell.

"We wanted to be strong for the girls. But finally we both was like, we are homeless. Ha, ha, we are homeless. That was the biggest thing we're homeless," added Campbell.

So the family who recently came through an early morning cloud of adversity, now find themselves living in a Starkville hotel, homeless once again.

According to the fire inspector the Campbell family could have died of smoke inhalation, had they been asleep at home and not Christmas shopping in Birmingham.

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