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Take Charge of Your Taser

Posted by Andrew Harrison | July 12, 2012 / 06:42pm | Local News
COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) - Proven stopping power right in the palm of your hand.
 The taser has been around since the mid-seventies.

  These days, just about any adult can buy one, but with great power comes great responsibility.

 The taser is a powerful weapon in a law enforcement officer's arsenal, non-lethal force that really gets the job done.
 Unlike, bullets, a club or even pepper spray, people who are tased recover quickly with no permanent damage done, but they're not just for police.
 Tasers have been finding their ways into the purses of well armed women for a while now.
 Look, there's a pink one.
 Here's the catch.
 A taser only works if you know how to use it.
 An online training course is a good idea.
 Your local police department could also help.
 Elizabeth Patrick is the Director of Training at the Columbus P-D.
 She says, " If any citizens wish to be certified or trained on the taser device, they can give the Columbus Police Department a call."
 I asked, " Would you recommend that for anybody who buys one?"
 Elizabeth responded, " I would recommend it. Yes, I would." 
 Before any Columbus Police or Reserve officer is certified on the taser, they have to be tased themselves. 
 Patrolman Nick Williams says, " It does make me a better officer, because when I might need to use it, to use that much force, because it's a lot of force. It's a whole lot of force."
 10 freshly certified taser operators recently faced down the business end of the device.
 Nobody enjoyed it.
 Elizabeth remembers, " It hurts. It's electricity going through. It hurts. "
 Nick agrees, " It hurts. You have no control over anything. You are totally incapacitated."
 Good to know if you are thinking of buying a taser.
 Better to know if you are thinking about using one.

Your personal taser will cost you around $400.
 Replacement cartridges run about $25 a piece.
 That's even more incentive to tase wisely.  
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