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Californian Wins Slugburger Title

Posted by Steve Rogers | July 15, 2012 / 03:43pm | Local News, Business, Faith & Family
CORINTH, Miss. (WCBI) --It has its roots in the food shortages of the Great Depression and

And its name has been carried on for 25 years in Corinth with the
annual Slugburger Festival. Saturday, the lowly slugburger - a mixture of ground pork, meal and spices smashed into a patty and fried - took the national spotlight as some of the world's top competitive eaters
descended on the town for the World Championship Slugburger eating

Jeremy Smith had won the three previous local competitions but this year competitors had to eat as many of the fried delights as they could in 10 minutes for a share of the $3,000 in cash prizes.

With a big crowd watching, 6th-ranked professional eater Matt Stonie
of California wolfed down 30 to win the first prize.

But locals who've grown up with slugburgers, which used to cost a
nickel and still can be had for as little as 80 cents at local restaurants, don't need a competition to enjoy them every day.

"It's got a good taste cause you put a lot of mustard and onion on
them, just eat them all day long. Oh yeah, a lot better than a
hamburger," said 55-year-old Cokey Curtis, who's been eating the local product all his life.

This year marked the first time the festival's competition elevated to
the Major League Eating circuit. The three-day festival concluded Saturday night.
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