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Tupelo Students Get New View of Reading

Posted by Steve Rogers | July 17, 2012 / 09:50am | Local News, Education
TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) -- With all the social media and technology these days, younger generations can find it boring to read books. One Tupelo reading program is trying to change all that by awarding some students a free lunch with the mayor of Tupelo.

A group from the Tupelo Boys and Girls club were awarded a free lunch Tuesday at Chili's with Mayor Jack Reed Jr. and wife Lisa Reed after completing their summer reading.

"It's called 'everybody is on the same page' and we are all reading Gilead so we wanted to introduce it to the Boys and Girls Club and Bonnie Whip is a wonderful English teacher at Tupelo High School, retired now, helped me present a curriculum to these students," Lisa Reed explained of the program.

With most kids growing up with technology as their main source of knowledge, it is important to keep them connected to the writings of award-winning authors. One student learns that there is more to reading than an assignment giving by a teacher.

"It expands your knowledge. So maybe you can comprehend to that book and maybe it can teach you stuff," Todd Broughton said as he enjoyed Tuesday's lunch.

The Tupelo Reads Program not only helps students expand their mind, but it also teaches the students the importance of life lessons.

"I think it's the most important thing and I told them if they want to be smart they need to read as much as they can. This is a hard book, this is not an easy book. The book teaches some good things, too, like forgiveness and grace and we did some role play with that and I think they really understood that and got that out of it," Lisa Reed said.

By seeing life lessons unfold in the book of Gilead, Broughton was able to see the true meaning behind the story.

"About the forgiveness part because you can forgive everybody because it's not really good to hold a grudge. God always says forgive everybody because he forgave you," the said.

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