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Sweating a Little Too Much?

Posted by Andrew Harrison | July 19, 2012 / 03:25pm | Local News, Faith & Family, Health
WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) - This time of year, you just can't help it.
 Spend more than 30 seconds outside, and the sweat starts rolling off you.
 It's a natural reaction to keep you cool, but what if you sweat, way, way too much?
 Working up a sweat doesn't take much work at all under the blazing Mississippi sun.
 Your body likes to stay around 98.6 degrees.
 Sweating is like your own natural air conditioner.
 Dr. Phillip A. Hooker heads the Skin and Allergy Clinics in Starkville and West Point.
 He says, " And it's really a way that the body gets rid of internal heat, so if you can't sweat, then sweat comes out the skin, and it cools the skin off, cools the body down."
 But we've all seen someone who sweats a little too much, in the office, at a restaurant, at church. 
 Dr. Hooker knows, " That's called hyperhydrosis, and all that means is that the person has profuse sweating, and they can have, sometimes I'll see them and their hands will just be dripping or their feet. "
 Clammy palms?
 Stinky feet?
 A prescription for aluminum chloride could help. 
 Dr. Hooker explains, " And what the aluminum chloride does is it actually plugs up the  little ducts where the sweat comes through." 
 Looking for a more holistic approach?
 Dr. Hooker says, "and tanic acid is just tea, drinking tea is all it is. So I tell them, make their drinking tea, you know, drink some and then soak your skin at the same time."
 Still sweating through your button down?
 How about botox?
 Dr. Hooker says, " The patients that do that have to have it done usually twice a year, but (there are)  a lot of little injections on the armpit and on the palms and on the soles, so that's pretty painful." What about something that lasts a lot longer? 
 Dr. Hooker says, " You can do liposuction there and not for fat necessarily , but for the little glands that are in the skin that produce the fat and the liposuction also removes a lot of the glands and that's permanent, so when that works, you know, you get 70% reduction than that's very good because you do it one time and that's it."
 More often than not, hyperhydrosis is caused by stress or anxiety. 
 There are also oral medications out there, but those can really dry out your mouth and eyes.   
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