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Alcohol House Help Community

Posted by Jennifer Ortega | July 22, 2012 / 08:33pm | Local News
COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) - It's a house that will help provide a home for men with alcohol and drug related dependencies, getting them back on their feet so they can find their place in society. "We take these guys and love them and we invest in them, we let them know that theres hope for them and their response has been great," said Kevin Styron.

The new sober living environment in Columbus encourages self-responsibility, financial independence, awareness of behaviors and communication. "I got started by a group of men that have been through AA and rehab and they have a heart for those that are struggling now and they want to offer that same things that were offered to them when they came along," added Bill Brigham. The last house on the block as they call it, will house 12 to 18 men, providing hope for those working through alcohol and drug dependency. To be a part of the program members have to be 30 days sober. "To see someone who comes in and they're looking at their feet, they're not looking at you in the eyes and they start taking interest in what we're doing for them and you see the gratitude come over there face,"said Styron.

A lot of the men that join the program are fresh out of the penitentiary, drug and alcohol rehab. The last house on the block helps them get back on their feet, monitoring their progress every step of the way from cameras to drug tests. "There kindness and generosity has been outstanding but I want the people to understand that this house belongs to God, to the community and to the guys that live there," added David Ikerd.

The Columbus Community Housing Organization provided the money needed for the purchase of the house. The establishment is located on Highway 50 and Gardner Blvd.
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