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Online Guns

Posted by Heather Black | July 23, 2012 / 05:24pm | Local News
MONROE COUNTY, Ms. (WCBI)--These days with all the technology, a lot of things can be purchased through internet sites like Ebay, Amazon, and even Facebook. There are online gun exchange that could lead to serious consequences if exchangers do not follow Federal Gun Regulations.

You can find them online. Guns and other weapons pop up here on Facebook at sites like the Central Mississippi Gun group page. And, weapons can end up in the wrong hands if proper regulations are not being followed.

"That gun can only be advertised on there it can't be transferred on Facebook. It has to be only advertised and the dealer has to do the transfer. And if a person sales a gun on there to a person and ships it to them, its 100 percent illegal," said Mitch Mitchell.

When purchasing a gun online you must first take the license of the firearm dealer to your local gun dealer before the gun can be shipped and purchased. Even though you may think the online site is creditable you can never be too sure.

"You don't know who you are buying guns from online no body has an idea. You know people that are out here and they can't buy a legal gun so they are going to try to get some way or another. So really and truly what they are doing they are getting a weapon and not telling that other person the truth," said Sheriff Cecil Cantrell.

Anyone who wants to purchase a gun from a firearm dealer must fill out a form called 4473. The gun dealer then will call the NICS Operation Center for a background check to approve, deny, or post pone the purchase of a gun for that individual.

"That will give you the proper channels that you need to go through to have a gun that is not stolen,a gun that has not been used in a robbery or murder and you won't have to worry about that because you did it the proper way. Always buy your guns from proper dealership," said Cantrell.

No matter what the regulations may be, a person's motives cannot always be determined.

"There is no way to regulate the industry. I have been sitting in this store with approximately two-thousand guns in the inventory for thirty years and I have never had one of these guns jump up and start shooting. It is not the gun, it's the individual," said Mitchell.
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