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Oktibbeha County Website Online

Posted by R.H. Brown | July 24, 2012 / 04:46pm | Local News

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) -- There is a new high tech way of doing business in Oktibbeha County.

Citizens of the county will be able to better connect with their county government.

 There was an official unveiling of a website Tuesday at the Oktibbeha County Education Building on Main Street.

The joint effort between the county and Mississippi State University has been two years in planning.

Mimmo Parisi, director of nSparc, which stands for National Strategic Planning And Analysis Research Center, says the site is critical for economic development.

County officials can publish announcements, news and weather alerts in real time.

"The whole idea is that if we are not able to act locally we can't compete globally. So this is the first step toward making Oktibbeha County more competitive on the global scale. So that what this technology is about. It's our new business card," Domenico "Mimmo" Parisi, director of the National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center.

Eventually bills can be paid on line.

For a direct link to that website you may access it at

The university center's director said the project "is the beginning of a new way for Oktibbeha County to work.

"It connects citizens with their county government, and gives them easy access to important information," added Parisi. "We believe the site will promote participatory democracy for our community."

The unveiled this week by members of Parisi's team and county officials. Features include:

--Information about county services, specifically what's available, where to receive them and who to contact with questions;

--Accurate maps of county districts and facilities;

--Access to up-to-the-minute communication, enabling county officials to publish real-time announcements, news and weather alerts; and

--A comprehensive list of elected and appointed officials.

Parisi said the website is designed to serve as an external and internal communication tool, with each county department having access to manage its own content. It also will be critical for economic development purposes, he emphasized.

"The site serves as a 'business card'; prospective businesses and economic developers can quickly see what the county has to offer," he explained. "It will be a great marketing tool for our community."

Parisi said a top priority at nSPARC "is improving economic competitiveness in our state through community engagement. This project is a clear testament of Mississippi State's commitment to the communities we serve."

Creation of the website doesn't mean nSPARC's work is done. He and his colleagues continually will be working with county officials to make improvements, Parisi said.

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