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More Rain Makes More Work for County Workers

Posted by Jennifer Ortega | July 25, 2012 / 02:13pm | Local News
LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) - July and August is the time for road workers to keep up with the usual maintenance around the county, but with more rain than usual it's got county workers busier. We've gotten the rain we asked for, but now the grass is tall and road shoulders are in need of gravel...And more rain has made road workers busier throughout Lowndes County. "This July has kept us a little bit more busy in work but we've been able to do it without going into overtime much. The extra rain has caused the grass to grow more and we have to do more mowing and cutting like that,"said Ronnie Burns, Road Manager of Lowndes County.

 Normally in the month of July, county workers aren't as active but with the recent rains and the grass overgrown, there's more up keeping to be done around the county. Lowndes County Road Manager Ronnie Burns sees the work first hand, assigning workers from other districts to help out on bigger jobs.

 Grass isn't the only thing that needs regular attention. "Because of the rain we've had more floods and wash out of coverts where the rain washes debris down on the ditches and clog the covert up and actually washes the covert out and we have to go and replace it and put it back," added Burns. One road worker says the rain this month has had certain projects last longer than they should. "It prolongs some of it, you know, if it's raining it's hard for us to get out here, dangers people driving up and down the road. We try and come through and fix all the wash outs prepare the shoulder, so it's safe for people to drive, they wont run off the road and have a drop off," said Brad Holliman.

 With the summer a busy travel season for motorists, county crews are doing everything needed to keep roadways safe. County workers are still busy trying to catch up on loose ends around Lowndes County.
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