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M.U.W. Responds to Hiring Policies

Posted by Kristy Griffith | July 26, 2012 / 11:24am | Top Story, Local News, Crime
COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) -- The former accountant accused of stealing $30,000 from the MUW Foundation originally was hired for a part-time position and never had to fill out an actual application. That application likely would have sparked a background check that would have uncovered her two prior embezzlement convictions. MUW President Doctor Jim Borsig outlined today how Jeannie Godbey slipped through the cracks before the university discovered the possible thefts in April and fired her. She was arrested last week. Borsig says virtually every new employee now must fill out a formal application and go through the background check. More financial checks and balances also are in place. Borsig says it's all part of complete policy review in the wake of this case and the bigger breakdown of safeguards at Penn State University. Dr. Jim Borsig says, "We have been looking at the policies we have about making...the key is to break down any barriers and make sure that those who know things report things. We take the kind of community we have with our faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends and the time that relationship takes pretty seriously and so we just want to make sure our board wants to make sure all the universities are working toward making sure that we meet the expectations we have for our self and for our university communities." Godbey apparently was falsifying expense documents and no scholarship or endowment money was taken. The university has filed a claim with its insurance carrier to get back the missing money.
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