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Dropping In at West Point Skate Park

Posted by Andrew Harrison | July 26, 2012 / 04:27pm | Local News, Faith & Family
WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI) - For generations skaters rolled defiantly along the edges of society, hopping rails and careening across parking lots.
West Point is the latest North Mississippi city to give people a safe place to skate.
 Marshall Park stands as an oasis of recreation on the edge of West Point.
 There is baseball.
 There's tennis.
 Soon, there will be skating.
 Recreation Director James Crowley couldn't be happier.
 He says, " To be able to add something for the kids who don't quite play all the sports, but love to come out and skate, they've been downtown skating, so we are just glad to have a spot to come out, parents will know (that) they are in 1 area to be safe."
 A tractor smooths the way for sod that will lushly line a land surfers paradise. 
 Administrative Manager Jarrod McDaniel proudly proclaims, " This park was designed for advanced skaters and beginners, and you see all the elements for every different skater from a flat area for the complete novice to a 2 tier bowl for the more advanced rider. So this caters to everyone. "
 Internationally renown Grindline Skateparks incorporated designed the West Point park.
 It features a special kind of concrete that cuts down on friction.
 Its floor is angled about 1 degree so rain water runs right down the drain.
 Safety gear is recommended .
 James says, " Our offices are right here next to it, so we are going to be here from 8 until 5, we're going to pretty much govern it, but we are are going to hope that they listen to our rules and abide by our rules and be safe and have fun."
 Skaters are known to police themselves at a nice park.
 Thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, they certainly have one here.
 James thanks all the other city departments that helped make the skate park a reality.
 Everything should be ready to roll by this weekend (7-28-7-29).
 Freestyle bike riders can also use the site, but they need to take off their pegs.   
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