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West Point Shooting Investigation

Posted by R.H. Brown | July 26, 2012 / 04:28pm |

(WEST POINT, Ms.) (WCBI) When West Point Police Investigators interviewed that shooting victim at the hospital he would not talk, although he had been shot in the leg and knew the suspect.

Unfortunately, almost every police officer or deputy anywhere can tell a similar story of a lack of cooperation at crime scenes.

A sort of strange but well-known ethics forged between the victims and suspects of crimes.

An argument on a West Point street, there is shooting.

One of three victims at the scene is hit and at least one person possibly knows the shooter.

Easy to bring the suspect to justice you say, well, sometimes that's not the case.   

"And then she proceeded to drive on. And she drove away and then he fired several shots. She couldn't completely say if all the shots were at her. She knew some were in the air, but he did shoot at her vehicle. We recovered, had a bullet hole in her vehicle," said Ken Pools, WPPD Investigator.

About five hours after that shooting, the victim at that very scene shows up at North Mississippi Medical Center in West Point with a bullet wound in the leg.

"Victim of the gunshot wound, I think he waited cause he thought it was going to be okay. But the pain from the gunshot became unbearable and he had to go to the hospital," said Poole.

"Code of Ethics On The Streets. The Street Code, if they would call it, the street code. You do not snitch. Even if you are a victim you don't snitch," added Poole.

"Snitches get stitches" is just one of the street sayings associated with the standard.

Police investigations are hampered by this loyalty among victim and violent suspect, putting law enforcers between a rock and a hard place.

Poole says its a matter of public safety for all that's being compromised because of the silence in these cases.

"This person is on the street and we have to do something about getting this person off the street," said Poole.

There is still no arrest in that case, however, West Point Police Investigators believe there will be one within a few days.

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