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Wedding Ban Draws Response

Posted by Jennifer Ortega | July 31, 2012 / 04:06pm | Local News
GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) - The couples ban from the Baptist Church has sparked interest in the nation, bringing responses from our local community. I would have like to see people stand up and say that people have a right to get married where they want to get married," said Assistant Sociology Professor Dr. Matthew Hughey.

Sociology professor at MSU, Dr.Matthew Hughey, like many others in our community find it disappointing that race is the reason Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson did not marry in their own church. "The situation in Crystal Springs demonstrates at least three things, first the continued significance of race and in a supposedly post racial era, two- that we need more, not less legal ramification for those that would discriminate and three- that when a group in power in this case white people in mississippi are challenged by progressive forces, they will protect their segregated resources, practices, and institutions," said Hughey.

 Some locals say you should be able to trust in the church to treat people fairly. I think that in would be against everything that I have learned and everything that's in my Christian judgement to hold something against someone because the color of their skin," said MSU student and supporter Lee Barkley. "It's definitely a bad eye for the state, I feel the state has come a long way since the 50's and 60's even 70's," added MSU student and supporter Jeff Cancienne.

Pastor Shawn Parker says that people aren't perfect and that one Baptist Church does not reflect the views of all other Baptist churches. "I'm not sure it's an accurate reflection of most of the Baptist Churches in Mississippi but in most churches there are sometimes people that have strong opinions and strong convictions and they try to influence things towards their convictions," said Pastor Shawn Parker. It's an issue that's swept the nation, though Mississippi has come a long way concerning discrimination, it has a long way to go. First Baptist church officials say they welcome any race into their congregation and plan to move forward from the situation.
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