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New Hope Putting 2011 Season Behind Them

Posted by Robby Donoho | August 02, 2012 / 10:08pm | High School Sports, Local Sports
COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) -- Aspirations were high going into the 2011 season in New Hope as the Trojans.

A (4-2) start the season spelled another return trip to the playoffs at New Hope. Whether it be complacency or taking their opponents lightly, the Trojans finished the season (4-7) as they lost their last five games.

This season, the Trojans want to clean up the mess they made last year and build a strong team to go forward in the 5A playoffs.

"We have to get back to who we are and what it took to become successful to begin with," said head coach Michael Bradley. "Beginning with me and all the way down to the sophomore class, we kind of took it for granted that we would continue to be successful without having to work hard. Last season was definitely a wake-up call for us."

"We just need a winning mentality, physicality, and a belief in our coaches," senior Tee Payne said. "Believe in the system, believe in each other and play as a family."

As it is every year, the Trojans will have to deal with a difficult division in Region 1-5A. With the likes of West Point, Center Hill, Clarksdale, Hernando, and Oxford standing in the path of a championship, the road won't be easy for New Hope.

But they believe they can use last season as motivation to win and surprise everyone.

"We had spoiled ourselves and our community the last several years," said coach Bradley. "We're hoping to get back to where we've been in the past."

"Our expectations are high and we're trying to win a state championship," said senior Trae Collins. "We have a really good team that can compete for a state title I think."

As it is with most teams, believing is half the battle. If New Hope believes they can win a championship, all that's left is proving it on the field.

Historically, they have that second part down pretty well. Last season was an abnormality, and the Trojans are ready to prove that in 2012.
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