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Army Veterans Reflect On Violence In Iraq

Posted by R.H. Brown | August 03, 2012 / 04:53pm | Local News

After the U. S. Military pulled out of Iraq, violence is still a part of that region, as a matter of fact, it's increasing of late.

Although Retired Army Sergeant  Major Danny Browning has retired and is no longer on the battlefield of Iraq, he often thinks of his brothers in arms.

The ones who fought, and were injured, after placing themselves in harm's way.

"Even myself sometimes I wake up at night. I just wake up in a cold sweat realizing I just take a check of the surroundings to make sure I'm not back where that stuff is you know," said Browning.

"He lost his sight, became blinded. Had some more colleagues, captain Denny Daniels to get injured. Sgt. Jason Morrison to get injured. And some other guys to get injured in that convoy as well," said Ronald Gatewood, Army Veteran.

Army National Guard veteran Corporal Ronald Gatewood also remembers the ones who died in that convoy.

Browning remembers two of those soldiers.

"Travis Cooper was one of the finest young men that I believe that I've ever had the privilege to train. And Tommy Little which was, I'd been, I was friends with him from Desert Storm, Desert Shield. Tommy and I went way back," said Browning.

"Right, Melvin he was the driver of the hum-vee that ran over that land mine and exploded. Right, that was the one that Sergeant Little was a passenger," said Gatewood.

Although fighting continues after the departure of U. S. Troops, in the name of freedom, Browning says he would do it all over again.

"I don't I don't have regrets. Only regret I have I have as far as my time in the military is, that I didn't have enough, I didn't spend enough time in it," said Browning.

"I don't think as far as turning Iraq in the Middle East into a democracy, I don't think its going to happen over night. So even when we leave Iraq/Afghanistan; Afghanistan still going to be work that needs to be done," said Gatewood.

"And I've always said, unless you have the guts to go in with the man power to achieve your goals and you leave them there, until the country is completely stable and everything as training. I think in one sense of the word we pulled out a little bit too quick,"added Browning.

The Iraqi War began March of 2003 and ended December 18th 2011.

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