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Inspired Artist in Amory

Posted by Jennifer Ortega | August 08, 2012 / 03:14pm | Local News
AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) - She's a self taught artist who discovered her talents when she was going through chemo-therapy. As Dale Leech trucks around one of her youngest grandchildren, she shows off her art and love for life. Her mother passed away last year from cancer, and she lost her dad in March. Dale says it all started as an effort to give back to the facility where her father stayed. Before she knew it, people were asking to buy her jewelry. "It's overwhelming, it started off just to learn. They were so good to my dad at Oak Tree out here, that I wanted to bless them and that's been my life. I've been a Christian for 40 years and I love blessing people,"says Leech. Even her bible study group wanted pieces.

 Now her jewelry is turning up all over town. She discovered her artistic talent while she was fighting cancer. "It's been about five years ago, I had indemetrical cancer and I had to have surgery and chemo and radiation and I couldn't be around a lot of people, I started watching videos of people's real fulfilling to learn," she adds. Dale says she loves learning new things and she's been creating for almost six years now. She shows her work all over her house and even outside. "I'm not an artist, I just have husband says if he stayed still enough, I would paint him," said Leech.

 Dale still stays very humble, creating pieces for her friends and family. She makes metal flowers, paints on glass, clothing and tie dyes. Dale says she'll create with anything she can get her hands on. Dale Leech enjoys spending time with her family and has even taught her grandchildren how to tie dye.
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