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Itawamba Toy Collector

Posted by R.H. Brown | August 08, 2012 / 04:33pm | Local News

(FULTON, Ms) (WCBI) -Children of all ages are sure to be impressed by an Itawamba County man's toy collection.

Each piece is sure to stir a memory or two. 

When walking into the warehouse full of toys picked up at yard sales in Fulton, Tupelo, and even Memphis, be prepared stay for awhile.

There is a lot to see, and play with.

"And its real easy to do all you got to do is catch your sales on Fridays and the weekends. Hit all your bargains at different places," said Shane Senter, Toy Collector.

"Oh I think its great. I would never have the patience to do all of this. But he has been, he loves it and thats his hobby," said Jo Bates, Jo's Salon.

And Senter's most prized pieces you may ask.

The Singing California Raisins....No.

"Probably my hot wheels cause I got over close to one thousand something of them," said Senter.

Although the items are undocumented, our 42 year old Santa, who gives none of this stuff away, keeps good track of his merchandise.

"All my action figures, the heroes and stuff like that. Spider Man, Batman, The Ninja Turtles,"added Senter.

Senter might have favorites, but to this avid collector, each piece holds a special significance.

A hobby he thinks, all generations of people might find fulfilling.

"They would get in this it would be a lot better and there wouldn't be so much trouble going on out on the streets. This would be a good hobby for them to do. And keep the old folks busy in doing this too. They'd feel a lot better, just like Richie Rich. They'd feel so rich," said Senter.

Our toy collector could not give a dollar figure for his pieces.

Thats because to him they are simply priceless.

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