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Prentiss Co. Sheriff's Office Uses Android App To Keep Public Informed

Posted by Allie Martin | August 08, 2012 / 04:49pm | Local News, Crime
BOONEVILLE, MISS. (WCBI) - Things have changed an awful lot since Randy Tolar became a law enforcement officer 31 years ago.

"Back then, we didn't have computers like we have them now, we had one computer we could run drivers license checks, tag numbers and such as that, just basic things," Sheriff Tolar said.

When he was elected Prentiss County Sheriff in 2000, Tolar wanted to bring his department into the computer age.

He implemented a number of improvements such as a computer based jail log. He oversaw the development of a website for the sheriff's office, along with a facebook page, and there is even a fingerprinting system that is tied into Jackson and the FBI.

Recently, Sheriff Tolar discovered an app that makes information available on a mobile device.

"This particular app on Android provides information on those incarcerated in our jail , there's also a field showing most wanted, etcetera.  Things like that," he said.

Sheriff Tolar believes the app will be a useful tool for the public  and law officers in Prentiss County, across the state and the nation.

"Other agencies, that might be looking for a particular person.  They  can go on this Android application and search and see who's in our  jail. Very often, we have been looking for people , and that are  wanted and rather than having to call around, we can utilize that  department's website and their link to their jail or an application  such as this then to see who is in jail," Sheriff Tolar said.

Another plus, the app is free.  Right now, it can only be used with Androids, but soon should be available for I Phones.

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