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Heroin in Mississippi

Posted by Andrew Harrison | August 09, 2012 / 05:24pm | Local News, Crime
COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) -When you think of teens experimenting with drugs, alcohol and marijuana immediately come to mind.
 Heroin is more "end of the line" than "gateway".   
 But in places where people are addicted to pain killers, heroin can be relatively inexpensive and easy to get.
 When the Columbus Lowndes Metro Narcotics Unit raided a home on College Street, back in early March,  they seized what they thought were more than 5 kilograms of cocaine.
 Tests performed at Drug Enforcement Agency's Crime Lab determined that the tightly packaged bricks contained, not just cocaine, but also heroin.
 That is something that is very out of the ordinary for the Columbus area.
 Marshall Fisher is the Director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

 He says, " Most of the heroin that has traditionally been seized in Mississippi were on traffic stops, interdiction stops going through 1 of 4 highways, 10 ,or 20, or 55, or 59, going eastbound or northbound towards hubs like Atlanta."
 The recent bust is proof that heroin is doing more than just passing through.
 It's certainly not an huge problem, yet, but prescription drug abuse is, and that has allowed heroin to get a foothold. 
 Director Fisher explains, " People are switching from the oxycodone and the hyrdocodone that are diverted on the street, diverted pharmaceuticals, because heroin is an opiate just like hydrocodone, or oxycontin that's cheaper, cheaper to buy."
 The bottom line is opiates are highly addictive.
 Once a person is hooked they will do almost anything to get one, even score heroin on the street.
 Its up to parents to be the first line of defense.
 Director Fisher advises, " All youth, myself included, when I was young, we all think we are bullet proof and invincible. Search their rooms, make sure you have your medicine cabinets cleaned out of your prescription drugs. "
 An ounce of prevention now could save you from a lifetime of misery.

 Symptoms of opiate addiction include sluggishness and laziness.    Heroin is a depressant not a stimulant.   
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