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Referees Prepare for the Football Season

Posted by Jennifer Ortega | August 11, 2012 / 04:09pm | Local News, High School Sports
NEW HOPE, Miss. (WCBI) - They were running back and forth just as the players were, getting ready for the start of the season. Referees at New Hope High hit the field to prepare for what's to come. They stick out like sore thumbs on the field in their black and white stripped uniforms making the calls we all hear. But there is more to referees then the game

. Just as the players, referee training starts early in July. After 40 years of being a Referee, Jimmy Richardson knows what to look forward to. "In affiliating high school football, you don't generally have to try and keep up with them, we like to think that were 22 years old and can run that fast but we try to stay in shape throughout the year. If a play is coming to you, just let it come to you, don't run to meet it," said Referee Jimmy Richardson. It's not only players that are getting ready for the season but also referees put in just as much hard work. "We love to get out new officials in, to prepare them for upcoming games so should we make mistakes out here it's just in jamboree. A lot of stuff were going to get ironed out today being in the right position, to make the right calls, follow the ball, making sure your hustling, running and hustling around, just like football players would do," added Referee Eddie Myles.

Referees go through a series of pre tests, go over significant rule changes for the upcoming year, and get to know other officials training on the field. "Actually being an X football play, you know it brings me back to the game and to be able to be in a position where you're passionate about a sport and you get to see these kids, it's like I'm a kid again," added Myles. High school football season officially starts this Friday.
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