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Mississippi State University Move In Day

Posted by Heather Black | August 11, 2012 / 04:48pm | Local News
Schools throughout the area have started back this past week and now local colleges are not far behind. Mississippi State Move in Day was full of  students experiencing college life for the first time.

Move in day for the upcoming 2012 Fall semester at Mississippi was in full swing...

"It's always very exiting when you have nearly 5,000 students who live here on campus and all their parents and family helping move in. So it's just an exciting occasion for us as we begin the start of a new year," said Dr. Mark Keenum  who is President of Mississippi State University.

One Junior gives a helping hand to students who are moving into Cresswell to make the experience an enjoyable one.

"Well my freshman year of college I was in band and I didn't get to experience moving to MSU so I didn't really get that help. And this year since I'm not participating in the band I thought I would help the other students move in," said Lillie Washington who is a Junior this year at MSU.

MSU President Dr. Mark Keenum offers some advice to incoming freshman starting their college career.

"One bit of advice I give all of our incoming freshmen is to go to class. So we are going to be working very closely to make sure that our students get settled in comfortable here and in a great learning environment here at Mississippi State to be successful," said Keenum.

This was also a big day for parents. Jenny Hutcherson, has been preparing herself knowing this day would come. Along with her husband and daughter they moved in 18 year old Tyler into the dorm.

"His dad and I think it is very important for him to experience college life to be around people who are his age to see what options there are, good and bad so that he can make his own decisions, but also so he can find what he is suppose to do for the rest of his life," said Jenny Hutcherson.

Tyler's parents hope the values they taught him will carry on through his college career when making friends and choices for his future.
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