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MUW Impacts The Local Economy

Posted by R.H. Brown | August 14, 2012 / 04:04pm | Local News

Many of us drive by its banners and signs almost daily, or we know someone who went there.

Mississippi University for Women is such a constant in Columbus and the Golden Triangle that we almost take it for granted.Tuesday, Doctor Jim Borsig shared the university's 40 million dollar annual economic impact on the community, opening more than a few eyes.

Town and Tower's annual summer breakfast was a perfect opportunity for President Jim Borsig to remind local business leaders just how much the university and the community are connected.

Almost 11 hundred jobs, 40 million in salaries... and millions more spent by students and the college in the local economy.

"In sales taxes to the local governments, total economic impact of about 43 million dollars," said Dr. Jim Borsig, MUW President.

There is cash flowing from the W that eventually winds up being deposited into Columbus businesses.

Construction for instance, is ongoing at universities and is an indicator of growth at these institutions of higher learning.

" West Brothers Construction has finished up Poindexter hall for us right now. So we have, we hire folks locally through the work that we do here. And we also follow state law," said Borsig.

"They buy a lot of their supplies and materials from us. I've had some of the maintenance men say, hey, they want us to go order it offline or go to the bigger warehouses out of state and order. They say no, we're going to support our local people and our men at Military Hardware. And they do, and they come buy from us every day," said Brad Perkerson, Military Hardware, Manager.

Some times they are the small items that add up to bigger dollars over time.

"Auh, man we get everything from electrical supplies, light bulbs, to bolts and screws, to a lot of plumbing supplies. So we do a little bit of all of it and special order things fro them too," said Perkerson.

The annual average student spending amounts to some seventy-five hundred dollars for MUW residents.

For non resident, more than ten thousand six hundred dollars.

And don't forget there are two types of impact.

Sure, while one adds up in dollar amounts, there is another that can be seen as lasting over a life time.

"And that is for those college students who earn college degrees and then go out in the workplace and raise a family," said Borsig.

Dollars also come in from dozens of events and conferences like the Eudora Welty Symposium that bring visitors to the city. 

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