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Cash from Trash

Posted by Michelle Lowe | August 14, 2012 / 06:31pm | Local News, Political

PONTOTOC COUNTY, Miss. - (WCBI) Another Northeast Mississippi landfill turns on the alternative fuels pipeline.

Local, state and national officials Tuesday dedicated a methane to electricity operation at the Three Rivers Landfill in Pontotoc County.

The system mines methane generated by decaying garbage and pumps to a generator where the ignited methane creates electricity.

The Pontotoc Power Association buys the clean energy through a deal with T.V.A. Representatives say it's a partnership that will provide a number of benefits to residents in the region.

"This project will help save money, will help create jobs, provides enough power for 800 local Mississippi homes. The real win/win is that Three Rivers has taken a renewable, natural, clean resource and turned it into electricity," says T.V.A Sales/Marketing Representative David Sparks.

Golden Triangle Landfill started a similar system last year.



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