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Expectations High For Fall Furniture Market

Posted by Allie Martin | August 15, 2012 / 05:07pm | Business
TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) - It's the eve of opening day for the fall Tupelo Furniture Market and  Kevin Seddon has been spending a lot of time on the phone .

"So far so good, you have your initial bumps as you are trying to get  things prepared and those last minute things," Seddon said.

Seddon became president of the Tupelo Furniture Market this past  spring and began working hard to make the 25th anniversary of the  event bigger and better.  Close to 500 exhibitors are registered.

"I think the 25th anniversary might bring some people in that maybe  haven't been in awhile and wanted to see how things have changed.  But  we were real aggressive marketing , a lot more materials going out, a  lot more telemarketing a lot more e mailing," he said.

Atlanta based Surya Inc is a first time vendor.   Company President  Satya Tiwari says the Tupelo Market seems like an ideal place for his  firm to showcase wholesale home furnishings to buyers.

"We've been looking at this market for several years and as we have  expanded our business, the last three years we have created a lot of  products and promotional price point, predominately at 199 under  retail and we thought this is a best market for that price point, we  saw new excitement at the market and wanted to be part of it," Tiwari said.

Ecru based Select Design Furniture is making a return trip to the  Tupelo Market hoping to get a lot of orders for its unique upholstered  furniture.

"I've been pleased , today is not officially opening day and I've seen  traffic we have had several people in kicking tires and that kind of  thing, so I've been optimistic," said Charlie Stubblefield, president of Select Design Furniture.

So expectations are high for this market and for the first time, the  public has an official chance to visit.   Building One is the site for  a home furnishings and accessories show. It's a chance for members of  the public to come down, get good deals and it will also increase foot  traffic at the market. 
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