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Post Videos of Yourself on Tout

Posted by Andrew Harrison | August 16, 2012 / 03:41pm | Local News, Business, Faith & Family
COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) - Twitter gave us words.

Instagram gave us pictures.

Now, Tout is providing the video.

It's like Jack from The Young and the Restless is talking just to me, and his thousands of other followers on Tout.

Hagan Walker, of, stays up to date all things internet.

He explains Tout as, "Small snippets of video, where you can share what's going on around you with the world."

Sounds easy enough, and you probably already own the technology to start touting.

Hagan says, "Well, you need a smartphone or a tablet that has a camera on it and that's about it."

Then you visit the Tout site, set up an account and go about picking up followers, just like you would on Twitter.

Shakespeare said, "Brevity is the soul of wit."

It's also essential on Tout.

You get 15 seconds.

Hagan explains, " Something very short, maybe something is very exciting. You are sky diving or doing something super interesting, then you can take that video and upload it straight to Tout and it will be out there for the public to see."

Wayne Brady is on board.

He keeps it clean, but what about people who try to post something lewd or libelous?

Hagan postulates, "I'm sure that Tout has algorithms that make sure there is no bad things that get on Tout and some of this slips through, users can flag a video and have it reviewed by Tout staff, and you know how they have people behind the scenes working 24-7 to make sure that no really bad things stay on there for very long."

 Don't worry, there is still room for massive amounts of content.  Hagan says, " It's a great way for celebrities to get right out to the fans kind of send individual messages if they wanted to."

 Hagan's been on television a lot lately.

 So is he on Tout?

 He says, "I might be tech savvy, but I don't think my life is interesting enough to send Tout's."

 I'm pretty boring too, but I gave Tout a try.

 You can visit Hagan Walker's Tout account to see it.

 I'm the only thing on there.

 It doesn't cost anything to create your Tout profile, so feel free to give it go.
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