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Columbus Water Rate Hike

Posted by R.H. Brown | August 17, 2012 / 03:24pm | Local News

Its the third year of a Columbus Light And Water capitol improvement plan.

Like most municipalities in our viewing area, there is a need to upgrade the city's old water and sewer system.

Two years ago the Columbus Light And Water Board launched an effort to improve their facilities.

A two percent rate hike was seen as a viable option at the time.

It is being spread out over time.

"We are just like everybody else. Aging infrastructure, we are battling aging infrastructure, so its going back in to change out water and sewer mains. Improve those, upgrade those water mains," said Todd Gale, CL&W General manager.

The two percent increase to some ten thousand five hundred customers becomes effective November first.

"For our customers the two percent rate increase on minimum users would be about 20 cents a month more for water and 20 cents a month more for sewer. On a family of four with a water bill of $25, it would mean about a 50 cent increase per month," said Gale.

And for those customers on fixed income, although minor, they'll be included as well in that slight hike.

"Fixed income would be 20 cents a month more. Thats the minimum bill," said Gale.

Columbus Light And Water customers are expected to see that rate increase reminder on their bill after Labor Day.

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