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Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted by Paulo Salazar | August 17, 2012 / 06:14pm |

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) - For most households a cell phone is the first line of communication.

Can you hear me now? That phrase has become a calling card in the cell phone industry. Smart phone sales grew by 42 percent this year. With more devices in circulation, more devices get broken. The Smart Phone Clinic in Columbus has seen it all.

Smart Phone Clinic Owner Terry McCool says, "Broken screens most definitely. Mainly IPhones are our number one phone that comes in damaged but we see a lot of Samsung's a lot of touch screens."

According to a recent study, one of the largest warranty providers claims Mississippians are the clumsiest when it comes to cell phone breaks and damages. What should you do when disaster strikes?

McCool says, "If you drop your phone in water if you can the best thing to do is take the battery out of it. And it's going to sound funny but put the phone in a bag of water and bring it in to us. Water doesn't hurt the phone it's the air getting to the components that starts corrosion."

Although cracked screens are the most common problem, water damage is a close second. With a three person crew. the Smart Clinic stays busy.

A common myth is that a phone cover will keep your phone from breaking, although it may help but the technicians here tell us it doesn't make your phone immune from destruction.

According to Smart Phone Technician Corey Ashford, "It does reduce the chance from breaking your phone to be honest there is not really anything out there right now that's going to protect your phone 100% all the time. The IPhone is the most popular phone out there right now."

Whether it's an Apple, HTC, Motorola or Samsung... cell phones are the most popular communication devices in America, and they'll stay that way until the next big thing comes along.

The Smart Clinic has another location opening in Starkville Monday August 20th.

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