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Bring Jobs Back in the U.S.

Posted by Jennifer Ortega | August 20, 2012 / 03:28pm | Local News
STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) - It's an effort for Mississippi to revitalize it's manufacturing industry, by bringing jobs back from overseas. Today, industry leaders came together at the biannual re-shoring Conference at Mississippi State University. A crowd gathered at Mississippi State University's Franklin Center to discuss furniture manufacturing and management strategies surrounding the re-shoring initiative. It's a conference that has industry leaders, local, state and national efforts; working on bringing well paying manufacturing jobs back to the US from overseas. "It's a ripple effect throughout the economy so the more that we can bring back and that starts with us being competitive in lowering out costs, lowering the regulations that we have, it enables us to bring those businesses back into the state and it creates wealth for our citizens," said Jay Moon, CEO of Mississippi Manufacturers Association.

 Manufacturers are now re-thinking overseas production, with the rise of offshore costs, higher wages and transportation fees. "By understanding that it really cost them 20 or 30 percent more than just the price they'll find that in many case, it's more economic, more profitable to produce here in the U.S." said Harry Moser, President and Founder of the Reshoring Initiative. "In our economic recovery when unemployment is still relatively high, we see this as the opportunity to really sell the very best that Mississippi has to offer," added David Shaw, Vice President for Research and Economic Development at MSU.

 From the forest, to the saw mill, to the finished product, Mississippi has the natural and human resources to meet the demands of the global market place. Now its just a matter of seeing that vision through. Education and training are also essential in bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States.
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