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School Back in Session Brings Underage Drinking

Posted by Jennifer Ortega | August 22, 2012 / 04:51pm | Local News
STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) - College students are returning to campuses across America. The Mississippi State school year is less than a week old, still according to police records there have been 72 drinking related arrests since last Friday.

Most college freshman are 18. The legal drinking age is 21. Those numbers can add up to trouble for students dealing with the pressures and freedom of a University environment. The Mississippi State staff and local authorities are doing their best to minimize underage drinking.

"It's pretty much expected, especially on a college of the main thing they're going to be doing is kind exploring, you know certain things about themselves and kinda taking an unfair advantage in my opinion of the new found freedom that they have as far as becoming adults,"said Associate Director for Residence Life, Calvin Mosley.

MSU has programs to raise awareness about underage drinking though some students feel the partying comes and goes with the semester. 

"I mean it's the beginning of the school year, people are trying to get some fun in before classes start flowing so theres going to be a bit more shenanigins than the normal year," said MSU senior Jay Johnson.

 It's everyday procedure to check a drivers license when purchasing an alcoholic beverage but sometimes fake IDs aren't as recognizable.

"We take it very seriously and it's a challenge because technologies have gotten so good these days that false documentation could be reproduced fairly easy...We have several employees that are very good about actually quizzing them on certain numbers on their IDs.... There's reasons behind all the rules and regulations and it's just to safe guard people," added Brewskis Owner, Curt Crissy.

"I don't feel pressured, I usually will hold, I choose not to drink but I usually will hold some kind of like something random, a diet coke or something so that you're not constantly asked to drink," said MSU student Emily Shaul. 

It's a town where the majority of students are under the legal drinking age and one mistake can change their lives.Now that classes are in session, it's expected that officials will be out patrolling the streets more than average.  
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