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Lowndes County Horse Abuse

Posted by Paulo Salazar | August 22, 2012 / 08:57pm | Top Story, Local News
LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) - Equipped with trailers, Lowndes County deputies and Golden Triangle Rescue workers made a trip to a home on Adams Road. After receiving a tip by a concerned citizen, the deputies were also armed with a court order to seize close to 16 horses and mules.

Sheriff Mike Arledge says, "We are seizing these animals at this time and taking them to a recovery area over in Clay County and the owner of the horses he has been charged pending a court date next week."

James Cochrin has been charged with one count of animal neglect, which can be upgraded at a later date. Sheriff Deputies spent close to two hours rounding up horses and mules. For many at the rescue, it was the worst case of animal neglect they've ever seen.

According to Arledge, "You can notice the ribs. They haven't been fed properly, the feet need to be trimmed and the health condition of the horses. I think even the owner realizes he's got more than he can handle."

The animals will be taken to the Golden Triangle Horse Rescue facility to be nursed back to health, which in some cases could take up to six months.

Linda Koch with Golden Triangle Horse Rescue says, "They are pretty bad. We rate them on a scale of one to nine and most of them are two. A lot of the babies don't look that bad but the mama's are really in bad shape."

But the mule experienced the worst of the abuse.

According to Kock, "You can see the bone literally sticking out of the hoof ball. It's like if you have a cut for years under your feet and the bone is sticking out and you don't treat it and you have to walk bare foot on it."

Once the animals recover, they will be up for adoption.

If you would like to make donations contact the Columbus Lowndes County Humane Society for what is needed.

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