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Unique Homes

Posted by Paulo Salazar | August 22, 2012 / 09:01pm | Local News

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) - One development is almost off the ground and in it's trial phase before being shipped over seas.

After several trips to the East-Africa country Tanzania Wilbur Colom wanted to do something about health issues plaguing the continent. Diseases like malaria, dingy fever and dysentery run rampant in Africa. Instead of throwing a bunch of medicine and money at the problem, Colom wanted to go straight to the source.

"The problem were not more hospitals and more medical care. What they needed was clean water, sewage disposal and sources of energy that allows them to have a hygienic living."

Using solar panels and wind turbines to produce electricity and filters to clean rain water, Colom and his partner have produced seven homes in Lowndes County that are self sustaining. The goal is to provide cost effective housing in a market where there is none.

Colom's Partner James Parkinson says, "We can come up with a house that will be energy self contained with all these new innovations, bring jobs to America especially here in Mississippi and in your county and the export it to a third world country."

With the cost of energy continuing to rise this maybe the future when it comes to neighborhoods. Imagine a home completely self sustainable.

Much of this technology is nothing new. Developers in America are slow to incorporate the technology into developments because the technology isn't cost effective. These 12 hundred square feet homes are being built at a cost of just over 80 thousand dollars. In Tanzania this same home using local workers will run just over 30 thousand dollars.

According to Colom, "If you have power lines running in front of your house like we do here it's cheaper to just get power from 4-County, that's because we have the infrastructure already. But you go to a third world country they don't have the infrastructure already."

It's a glimpse into the future of neighborhoods not just here at home but all over the world.

Colom and his partner are waiting for clearance from state officials to implement a sewage system that turn waste into methane gas.

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