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Isaac Boosts Gas Prices

Posted by Jennifer Ortega | August 27, 2012 / 04:43pm | Local News, Weather
LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- The closer Isaac gets to our coast the more we're seeing a local boost in our gas prices. The hustle and bustle of Isaac has locals getting prepped. Even gasoline companies in the Louisville area are starting to gear up for the rush of the storm. "Prices along the Gulf Coast were 20 cents a gallon up today because of the hurricane approaching, so that's a normal occurences...we see local markets like for the Gulf Coast then your gonna see unusual price increase short term," said John Fair, President of the Fair Company.

In an emergency, a load of gasoline could last a pump station just 6 to 7 hours. Johnny Fair says there's only so much gas they can buy a month and they've already max-ed their loads for the day due to Isaac. "Part of the problem is when a hurricanes coming everybody wants to fill their tank up so you know it's the change in habits of customers that we can't really keep up with," added Johnny Fair, Vice President of the Fair Company. With hurricane warnings for the gulf coast and a high demand for gas we're sure to see more of these gasoline trucks bringing fuel to their suppliers.

Local consumers are watching the storm closely and getting braced for the higher gas prices. "They're just terrible among us all. It's all really tough on us enough for us all to make it. Everything else is getting higher, everything but my paycheck," said Billy Irwin, a local resident. "I think it should come down because I mean the economy is already bad and you know less jobs out, you know its kinda hard to right now for some people," added Brittney Griffen, another local resident.

Though we're not expecting the same type of intensity as the passing of Katrina 7 years ago, fuel suppliers are making sure they're doing the best they can. "We want to provide the service we provide every day to our customers , we want to provide that service in a time of emergency," added Johnny Fair. We'll be keeping a close eye on Isaac, by tomorrow we should a have better idea of Isaac's clear path.
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