ICC exhibit features work of Fulton’s Rick Holland

Date(s) - 04/21/2014-05/09/2014
8:00 am-4:00 pm

Itawamba Community College Fulton Campus


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The current exhibition at Itawamba Community College’s W.O. Benjamin Fine Arts Center gallery features the work of Rick Holland of Fulton.

A carpenter by trade, Holland became interested in the hand building pottery techniques of indigenous Mississippi tribes through his passion for Indian history. Pottery making for Holland is not just about crafting objects, but is a way to connect to nature, learn about Native Americans and to share their rich heritage.

“We will never be able to know how many parts of animals, fish, trees, plants, etc. the Native Americans used in order to make every necessary thing needed to survive,” Holland said. “Nothing was wasted. It seems to me that the feeling of what the Indians did and how they lived comes out through my pottery. It is sad that today’s technology has taken away from us the need to know how to use Nature more efficiently.”

Holland digs the clay he uses to create his pieces from the Patton Flat area near Tremont. The finished pieces are then set outside to bake in the sun. His subjects include Chickasaw tribesmen, animal totems, buffaloes, eagles and a Colonel Reb.

The show will run through May 9. Gallery hours are weekdays from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. except for college closure due to holidays.

For more information, contact Shawn Whittington, Fine Arts instructor, at (662) 862-8301 or email eswhittington@iccms.edu.