Tupelo Community Theatre to present ‘Duck Hunter Shoots Angel’

Date(s) - 01/30/2014-02/01/2014
7:30 pm

Tupelo Community Thetre


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Thomas Wells | Buy at photos.djournal.com Weekly World and Globe editor Lester (J.N. West, right) tries to convince his reporter, Sandy (Jonathan Martin) to cover a story in Alabama in TCT’s “Duck Hunter Shoots Angel.”

TUPELO – You can smell the set before you see it.

“Duck Hunter Shoots Angel” takes place is the backwoods of Alabama, and the set at Tupelo Community Theatre captures that.

It’s full of real leaves, branches and foliage, and it serves as the setting for the story of two bumbling brothers who believe they shot an angel instead of a duck.

“The great thing is there are no set changes. Everything happens by light transitions. The thing about this set is that it has a few tricks up its sleeve,” said director Maria Geno.

The earthy-scented set is the home of the Early Brothers, Duane (Fred Cannon) and Duwell (Josh Sullivan), who are soon visited by Sandy, (Jonathan Martin) a cynical tabloid journalist who aims to get the scoop on the supposedly heavenly body the pair shot down.

The set isn’t the only surprise in the comedy.

“It’s an extremely funny play, with a wonderful message about family, tolerance and a great twist ending,” Martin said.

Geno agreed.

“It has an ending you will not see coming,” she said.

The play was written by “Tuesdays with Morrie” author Mitch Albom, and “Angel” is his first play not based on a book and is his first comedy.

“This (play) covers a lot of different subjects, but they have a light-hearted view,” Sullivan said. “It all has a deeper message.”

Sullivan’s first play at TCT was last season’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” in which he played the evil Bob Ewell. His character in “Angel” offers a change of pace.

“I’m full of wonderment at what we’ve done. I’m the moral beacon for Duane,” he said. “This is a lot more fun to play.”

“Duck Hunter Shoots Angel” premiered in 2004, but this is its first staging at TCT.

“If you want to see a comedy but leave with your heart warmed, this is the show to come see,” Geno said.




• What: Tupelo Community Theatre presents “Duck Hunter Shoots Angel”

• When: 7:30 p.m. Jan. 30-Feb. 1, 2 p.m. Feb. 1

• Where: Lyric Theatre

• Cost: $18/adults, $6/students

• Info: (662) 844-1935

• “Duck Hunter Shoots Angel” cast: Jonathan Martin (Sandy); Richmond Smith (Lenny); J.N. West (Lester); Fred Cannon (Duane Early); Josh Sullivan (Duwell Early); Katelyn Stieg (Kansas); Allana Austin (Woman); Voice (Erin Beall)