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Lee County Sets Final Debris Removal

PR Final Pass Lee CoTUPELO, Miss. (Press Release) — Debris removal operations, which commenced in Lee County on May 13, 2014, will soon come to an end. About 56,000 cubic yards of debris have been removed from the public right-of-way to date.

Debris removal crews will make the final pass in the areas illustrated on the included map, beginning with Area 1 on June 10-12, then Area 2 June 12-15 and finally Area 3 June 16-18.

A table listing roads by Area is also included.

An important aspect to remember: stumps more than 24 inches in diameter are a separate class of debris and must be measured prior to their removal. The public should not be concerned if large stumps remain on the right-of-way in these areas after the end dates indicated in the chart.

Lee County continues to pursue the authority to remove debris from private property. As was announced earlier in the week, representatives of Lee County have met with MEMA officials to obtain this authorization, but everyone is encouraged to continue to work to get the debris to the right-of-way.

Every disaster is different and the circumstances will have to be evaluated for each jurisdiction as to whether the authorization for Personal Property Debris Removal will be granted by FEMA, it is in no way guaranteed.

Anyone having questions about a particular area not listed or indicated on the included table or map should call the County Administrator’s office at 662.432.2020.

Requests for volunteers, or to offer your services or equipment as a volunteer, can be directed to the Volunteer Coordination Center at 662.687.2735.