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Maddie Kirker
Maddie Kirker

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In the back of Maddie Kirker’s 4th grade yearbook, is a note that says “I will one day be a weather girl.” Since she was young, Maddie always knew what she wanted to do with her life. She grew up right outside of Cincinnati, Ohio where she saw her fair share of weather. Constantly traveling with her family and flying across the country sparked an interest in climate as well as seasonal patterns in weather. At the age of 17 she left Cincinnati to enroll in the Broadcast Meteorology program at Mississippi State. It was her drive and passion that landed her a job at WCBI after graduating spring of 2011.

While at Mississippi State, she won honors in the National Collegiate Weather Challenge, forecasting her way to 1st place out of 1,500 undergraduates, and 4th overall in the town of Allentown, PA. She gained crucial knowledge in forecasting severe weather outbreaks and winter weather events.

Maddie enjoys singing, hiking and hugging her Bernese mountain dog, Luther. She especially enjoys spending time with her parents Jeff and Carla who still reside in Cincinnati. Luckily, her sister Caroline goes to the University of Alabama so she often visits her and goes shopping. Maddie is a member in the ASPCA and loves volunteering with her local animal shelters whenever she can.