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This Weeks Student Athlete:

  • Video: Young Golfer Aims High At Old Waverly


    WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI Sports) - While most 11 year olds maybe play mini golf, Nick Flannagan is a little ahead of the game. The sixth grader is competing in the Pro-Am at Old Waverly Friday.

    He started playing when he was four and he has goals of playing for a while.

    “This would be a good experience for me,” Flannagan said. “It would get me prepared for high school golf, college and so on and so forth.”

    His father Greg works at Old Waverly.

    “It’s a great way for us to bond,” he said. “It’s a way for us to have a little competitiveness.”

    Greg says his son is coming close to being able to beat him.

    Nick cites the instructors at the club for his early development and he’s not afraid to think about the future.

    “Right now I’m just focused on school and then going to Mississippi State and playing in the PGA,” he said.

    Becky Middleton is his teacher at Oak Hill Academy and she acknowledges his work ethic at school.

    “He is very organized. He’s a student that the other kids look up to,” she said. “He’s a model student.”

    His golf idol? Perhaps the best ever.

    “I’ve been watching Tiger Woods for a long time. That’s what encouraged me to play golf.”

    Tiger started wowing the pros at a young age. Maybe this 11 year old will on Friday.

    Nick Flannagan is WCBI’s Student Athlete of the Week.