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This Weeks Student Athlete:

  • Student Athlete of the Week: Joshua Williams, Aberdeen High School

    STUDENT ATHLETE OF THE WEEK – Joshua Williams, Aberdeen High School

    Joshua Williams is a one of a kind football player. He’s been a starter for the Aberdeen Bulldogs for four straight years. Now starting at quarterback, this year he’s lead his team to the playoffs.

    “Playing on this team is really a great thing. I’m happy to be a part of it. It’s very fun for me. It took a lot of hard work to get where we are and now we’re just going to keep on pushing,” says Williams.

    Aberdeen Head Football Coach Mark Bray says having Williams on the team is like having an assistant coach playing in the game.

    “He’s a guy that knows the offense as about as well as I do. When I call a play, he can tell other kids what they do. I mean, he’s that kid that you look for,” says Bray.

    Williams’ teammates agree that he is the player to look up to.

    “He’s a role model to me because he keeps me straight in school. He keeps me good out here, I stay out of trouble. I keep him out of trouble. If I need somebody to talk to, it’s him. If I need to learn some routes, we come out here and run routes. We trying to win a championship,” says Receiver Damain Curry.

    Williams says in this last year at Aberdeen High School, his social life has taken a back seat to academics and his love of football.

    “I really don’t have much fun, I really don’t have much fun. Really right now, since I’ve been in high school, it’s just been about all business,” says Williams.

    On Friday, the Aberdeen Bulldogs will face the Kemper County in the playoffs.