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This Weeks Student Athlete:

  • Video: Student Athlete of the Week – Starkville High’s Khris Carr

    STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s all about killing the ball…the volleyball that it is. Khris Carr is a senior volleyball player at Starkville High School. She’s dreamed of playing college ball since she was a kid.

    “I started playing club volleyball in 7th grade and ever since then I felt like that was something that I wanted to continue on to college,” says Carr.

    Carr plays outside, hitting, blocking and passing the ball.

    “My position is basically a killer, as most would say. We’re encouraged to get the points tipping, killing. It’s definitely just one of those front row players that are dominate and help the team out with scoring,” says Carr.

    The volleyball team recently held a special ceremony to recognize Senior players for their contributions. Parents were on hand to participate in the honor and that’s when we discovered that athleticism runs in the Carr family.

    “I was a basketball player. She wanted nothing to do with basketball. So I encouraged her in this particular sport. She has really thrived in volleyball,” says Carr’s mother, .

    Carr has been co-captain of the team for two seasons. Coach Lauren Love says Carr’s contributions to the team are unrivaled.

    “It’s been great watching her mature as a volleyball player on the court. Her skills, athletic ability have done nothing but improve and she’s been a great leader for us,” says Starkville High Girls Volleyball Coach, Lauren Love.

    Carr is headed to Mississippi State next year to play for the Bulldogs.