Video: New Starkville Strategy Is Taking Off


Starkville, Miss. (WCBI) – Starkville is trying something new to get more booming through a survey done by residents, students, and alumnus.

The survey and it’s results will be used to inform local, regional, and state decision makers, and economic leaders on Starkville’s potential to attract new business.

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The results from the survey will show possible retailers the buying power of Starkville. The idea for the survey comes from the business boom Tuscaloosa saw from this.

“We’re taking a success model from somewhere else and trying to replicate it here,” says Mayor Parker Wiseman of Starkville.

National retailers thinking about expanding ask two questions. Do residents have money and will they spend it?

“The objective of the survey is to find out the buying power and spending habits of consumers in the Starkville area,” says Mayor Wiseman.

The survey will give a glimpse into a huge sector which is ignored by traditional census based economic studies.

“One of the common issues that college towns run in to is census data doesn’t accurately capture the buying power of the student population, and alumni groups that spend lots of time in the area,” says Mayor Wiseman.

The survey isn’t tied in with Starkville’s new retail recruiting group, Retail Strategies, but it will be a helpful tool for them too.

“This is a survey that’s being developed for the very specific reason of attracting more retail options to the community,” says Mayor Wiseman.

Local businesses are excited to hear that for this reason.

“It’s all about growth, and you know building Starkville, and I think new businesses coming in will promote every other person that’s already here,” says Deep South Pout Assistant Manager, Carson Taylor.

The survey is being done by Mississippi State’s National Strategic Planning and Analysis Center, and will take a few months to get all of the results in.