Adopt A Family

Brought to you by United Way of Lowndes County and WCBI

Community Volunteer Center, WCBI and the United Way of Lowndes County are giving everyone the opportunity to give back this holiday season

Would you like to help a family in need?

sponsored by the United Way of Lowndes County and WCBI TV

Adopt a Family gives individuals, families, business and industry the opportunity to serve hard-working and self-sufficient families who have verified financial emergencies caused by a catastrophic illness, layoff, or other major adversity beyond their control. The families and their needs are listed below. Please understand the family’s name is not included out of respect for their privacy. Please note that this is not an application process. All families are pre-determined. If you would like to adopt one of the families, follow these instructions:

  1. Deadline to Adopt will be Monday, December 2nd
  2. To Adopt a Family, please send an email to or call 662-328-0943 and reference the family number you would like to adopt.
  3. Do not call WCBI.
  4. To avoid duplication, families will be given to the first request for that particular family.
  5. Do not shop for your family until you receive confirmation that you have been assigned the family you have requested.
  6. Gifts should be UNWRAPPED and delivered to United Way at 223 22nd Street North, Columbus MS on or before Wednesday, December 4th between the hours of 8-4 Monday-Friday unless other arrangements are made. If gift delivery needs to be made at an alternate time please call 328-0943 to make arrangements.

    **If you plan to wrap your gifts, please communicate this to the United Way Volunteer Center before delivery.


Family 1 ~ ADOPTED

Single mother of triplets. Unable to find work that would cover the cost of childcare for 3 toddlers.

1 son age 2 1/2 wears size 24 months. Likes characters from the Cars movies and Elmo.
Needs tennis shoes size 5.

2nd son age 2 1/2 wears size 3T. Likes same things.
Needs tennis shoes size 6.

1 daughter age 2 1/2 wears size 3T. Likes Minnie Mouse, dressing up, princesses and little girls jewelry
Needs tennis shoes size 6.

Mother wears pants size 5, shirts/blouses size small.

Needs: Size 5 diapers, baby shampoo, baby wash, wipes. Gas card. A day or an evening out!

Wishes: TV and DVD player. They do not have cable or dish or satellite.
Playground type toys (like plastic slide, etc.) that they can play with in the yard.

Family 2 ~ ADOPTED

Single mother of 2 sons.

1 son age 14. Pants Size: 44×34 (adult), Shirts: 2X, Jackets/ sweaters: 2X
Plays variety of brass instruments–French horn, tuba, trumpet. Writes music. He has a 3D Nintendo, would like more games.
Needs: Queen size mattress and box springs.

1 son age 6. Pants Size: 8, Shirt: 8, Jackets/ Sweaters: 8-10
Likes: play “Castle”, action figures, loves to read about insects, plants, animals.
Needs: twin size mattress and box springs

Mother: Pants Size: 6-7, Shirts/blouses: small/medium, Jackets/ Sweaters: small/medium
Loves coffee (diabetic).
Needs: Size 8 running shoes. Would like board games that they can all play together as a family.
FYI: She works part time. Eldest son has childhood diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Family 3 ~ ADOPTED

Parents of 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter.

1 daughter age 16 Pants Size: 14, Shirts: X Lg, Jackets/ Sweaters: X Lg.

Loves to read. Likes make up and jewelry. She has pierced ears.
1 daughter age 13 Pants Size: 16, Shirts: Large, Jackets/ Sweaters : X Lg.
Likes to play board games.
Needs: school uniforms.

Both girls would like an iPad (to share)

1 granddaughter age 1. She wears 18 month size. She is walking. Would like riding toys.
Needs: a high chair.

Grandmother Pants Size: 16, Shirts: X Lg, Jackets/ Sweaters: XLg, Loves to read. Would like a large print Bible

Grandfather Pants Size: 32×33, Shirts: Large, Jackets/ Sweaters: X Lg.
Likes to watch football games. Loves to ride bikes.
Needs: socks and his own bike (he borrows one from a neighbor)

The family would like a small flat screen TV
FYI: Worked for 17 years at one employer who recently closed without notice.

Family 4 ~ ADOPTED

Working mother of 1 daughter.

1 girl age 9 Pants Size: 16 1/2 (husky) or Ladies size 6/7, Shirts: 16 girls or ladies Lg, Jackets/ Sweaters: X Lg

Likes to play basketball. Loves to read. Into the Disney princesses. Likes make-up. Anything girly.
Needs: Winter shoes and/or boots Size 6

Mother Pants Size: 18 or 20W, Shirts: 22 -24 or 3X, Jackets/ Sweaters: 3 X
Loves to clean. Would like any cleaning products that make the house smell good. Likes to read romance, mystery and Country Bride series. Would like a Swifter.

FYI: She has worked at her current employer for 5 1/2 years. For the first time her hours have been cut back. She also said that her daughter’s birthday is in January and she hates to see her not receive anything for birthday or Christmas.

Family 5 ~ ADOPTED

Single mother of a son and a daughter. Works when job available.

1 son age 9 Pants Size: 12, Shirts: 12/14, Jackets/ Sweaters: 14/16
He has an X Box and loves the games. He likes to read. Likes basketball and football. Anything having to do with a ball.
Needs: School uniforms, Underwear and Pajamas (size 12/14).

1 daughter age 12 Pants Size: 16 (girls), Shirts: 16 (girls), Jackets/ Sweaters: 16 (girls)
Loves styling her dolls hair. Bratz. Wants a flat iron. And her bicycle (it was recently stolen)
Needs: School uniforms, Underwear and Pajamas (Size 16)

Mother Pants Size: 14 (W), Shirts: 1X, Jacket/ Sweater: 1X
Loves perfumes with flowery scents.
Needs: Church outfits, jeans and underwear
Wants a toaster oven.

FYI: Does private sitting. Client just went into the hospital. Doesn’t know when will be called back.

Family 6 ~ ADOPTED

Single working mother of 1 daughter and 1 son.

1 daughter age 9 Pants Size: 8, Shirts: 8, Jackets/ Sweaters: 10
Loves to read especially the Babysitters Club series), Barbie doll and anything Barbie. She does have the Barbie doll house.

1 son age 11 Pants Size: 10/12, Shirts: 10/12, Jackets/ Sweaters: 12
Loves all sports! And loves playing outside!

Mother Pants Size: 14, Shirts: X Lg, Jackets/ Sweaters: X Lg.
Likes to read especially Harlequin romances, vampires series and likes jewelry (both silver and gold)
Would like a lap top computer for the family to share.

Family 7 ~ ADOPTED

Parents of 2 sons and 1 daughter

1 son age 10 Pants Size: 14, Shirts: 14, Jackets/ Sweaters: 14/16
Plays basketball and video games. Would like a scooter or bicycle.

1 daughter age 7 Pants Size: 3 (juniors), Shirts: Medium (ladies), Jackets/ Sweaters: Medium (ladies)
Likes lip gloss, hair ribbons, loves to dress up in princesses clothes. Needs church clothes.

1 son age 5 Pants Size: 6 (boys), Shirts: 6, Jackets/ Sweaters: 6
Likes building things and being outside. Also, likes football, basketball and soccer. Would like to have a basketball.

Mother Pants Size: 14/16, Shirts: Large, Jackets/ Sweaters: X Lg.
Likes purses, Calvin Cline and Coach perfumes, cross necklaces, earrings.
Needs: Shoes (size 8 1/2)

Father Pants Size: 40X34, Shirts: X Lg, Jackets/ Sweaters: XLg.
He likes cologne (Hugo Energize). Could use a watch with a metal band.

Needs: small chest size freezer
FYI: He was working full time, hours cut to part-time recently.

Family 8 ~ ADOPTED

Single mother working part time

1 son age 11 Pants Size: 18 R (boys), Shirts : Lg. boys or Sm. Mens, Jackets/ Sweaters: Lg. boys or Sm. Mens
Likes Ochirna (musical instrument), Plays golf and chess. Loves lego’s. Just started fishing and would love a fishing pole.
Needs: Small dresser for his clothes

Mother Shirt Size: 2 X, Jacket/ Sweater: 2 X
Would like a rolling pin, cutting board and other kitchen tools

FYI: Was working full time and Was offered employment (better hours and pay) but the job didn’t materialize as promised. Has only been able to find part- time work.

Family 9 ~ ADOPTED

Single mother of 1 son and 1 daughter works full time.

1 son age 6 Pants Size: 6, Shirts: 5, Jackets/ Sweaters: 7
Loves everything cars and trucks. Would like a Leap Frog.
Needs a jacket – must be Navy blue, white, purple or gold (required by the school)

1 girl age 8 Pants Size: 8, Shirts: 6, Jackets/ Sweaters: 9
Loves everything girly girl. Loves to sing and dance with her dolls. Into the princesses.
Needs a school jacket also: Navy, purple, gold or white

Mother Pants Size: 13/14, Shirts: Lg, Jacket: X Lg.

Needs a queen size mattress, sheets and vacuum cleaner

Family 10 ~ ADOPTED

Single mother of 1 son and 1 daughter. Self-employed

1 son age 4 Pants Size: 3T, Shirts: 3T, Jackets/ Sweaters: 3T
Loves anything he can play with outside.
Needs boxer shorts Size 3T. Regular underwear causes irritation

1 daughter age 6 Pants Size: 6, Shirts: small girls, Jackets/ Sweaters: medium girls
Loves to color, draw, paint, crafts (beads, bracelets), cartoons.

Mother Pants Sizes: 3 juniors, Shirts: Small, Jackets/ Sweaters: medium
Likes to knit and cross stitch.
Needs: pots and pans.

FYI: cleans houses. Had recent severe dental issues.

Family 11 ~ ADOPTED

Mother of 1 son and 1 daughter. Self employed.

1 son age 12 Pants Size: 12, Shirts: 12 Slim, Jackets/ Sweaters: Medium
Likes anything remote: cars, planes, boats.
Needs clothes.

1 daughter age 16 Pants Size: 1, Shirts: Small, Jackets/ Sweaters: Small
Would like a cassette player
Needs Clothes.

Mother Pants Size: 13, Shirts- X LG, Jackets: X LG.
Needs shoes size 9 and pajamas.

FYI: Was cleaning houses. Has had seizures so now not able to do much until meds are adjusted. They were robbed so need everything – set of dishes, silverware, they have no TV, CD player. Even their clothes were taken so have very few.

Family 12 ~ ADOPTED

Working single mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter

1 daughter age 12 Pants Size: 9/10 juniors, Shirts: medium, Jackets/ Sweaters: medium
Would like to have a portable CD player.
She needs clothes.

1 son age 10 Pants Size: 8, Shirts: medium, Jackets/ Sweaters: medium
Likes cars and construction toys (things he can take apart and put back together)
Needs: clothes

1 son age 8 Pants Size: 12 husky, Shirts: 14, Jackets/ Sweaters; Large (children’s)
Likes puzzles. Needs toys that keep him focused.
Needs: school uniforms

Mother Pants Size: 5, Shirts: medium, Jackets/ Sweaters: medium

Needs clothes she can wear to work (business casual) and pots and pans.

Family 13 ~ ADOPTED

Single working mother of 1 daughter and 3 sons:

1 son age 7 Pants Size: 10, Shirts: 10, Jackets/ Sweaters: 10/12
Likes to play with cars and action figures
Needs school uniforms.

1 son age 12 Pants Size: 30/22, Shirts: X Lg., Jackets/ Sweaters: X Lg.
Likes sports-especially football.
Needs school uniforms.

1 daughter age 2 Pants Size: 3T or 4T, Shirts: 3T or 4T, Jackets/ Sweaters: 3T-4T
Loves to dress up; princess, girly things. Would like a riding toy.
Needs shoes size 8

1 son age 3 Pants Size: 4-5, Shirts: 4-5, Jackets/ Sweaters 4-5
Likes football and all sports. Would like a small bike (so he can ride with this brothers) and would love cowboy boots size 11 1/2.
Needs clothes

Mother Pants Size: 9, Shirts: Large, Jackets/ Sweaters: Large.
Needs scrubs for work. Towels and washcloths and sheets (queen and full). Really would like a kitchen table.