Adopt A Family

Brought to you by United Way of Lowndes County and WCBI

Volunteer Columbus, WCBI and the United Way of Lowndes County are giving everyone the opportunity to give back this holiday season

Would you like to help a family in need?

UWayVolColumbusLogoAdopt a Family gives individuals, families, business and industry the opportunity to serve hard-working and self-sufficient families who have verified financial emergencies caused by adversity beyond their control. The families and their needs are listed below.

Please understand the family’s name is not included out of respect for their privacy. Please note that this is not an application process. All families are pre-determined.

If you would like to adopt one of the families, follow these instructions:

  1. Deadline to Adopt: Monday, December 2nd
  2. Do not call WCBI.
  3. TO ADOPT… look at the list of families available for adoption below. Find a family that your family or group will be able to financially manage to get something on each person’s wish list within that family. Then send an email with the family number to or call 662-328-0943.
  4. To avoid duplication, families will be given to the first request made for that particular family.
  5. If you see a particular family you would like to assist but would like to financially share in purchasing that family’s wish list with another group, please let us know and we will attempt to team you with another group.
  6. If you would like to participate but have no particular family you want to adopt and are willing to be teamed with another group, please let us know so that we can call on you between December 5th-10th to supplement with items that were not fulfilled on wish lists.
  7. Gifts should be UNWRAPPED. If you plan to wrap your gifts, you MUST communicate this to United Way so that we give some specific instructions regarding wrapping.
  8. Gifts should be delivered Monday-Friday between 9:00am-3pm to 223 22nd St N, Columbus, MS on December 5th, 8th or 9th and must be received by 3pm December 9th.


**If you plan to wrap your gifts, please communicate this to the United Way’s Volunteer Columbus before delivery.

**Please note that this is not an application process. All families were pre-determined prior to publication of this notice.

Family 1

Disabled mother 2 daughters ages 16 and 17. They lost a lot during the storm.

Daughter 1 — Jeans 3 juniors / Shirts M-L / Shoes 7-1/2 to 8
Daughter 2 — Jeans 9-12 women / Shirts XL adult / Shoes 9-1/2
Mothers- Jeans 3-4 women / Shirts XL (to cover a scar)/ Shoes 7W or 8M
Family’s wish gift is a TV

Family 2

Disabled mother of 2 daughters, 2 grandsons, and 1 granddaughter. Daughters age 18 and 19. Grandsons age 3 and 4 and granddaughter -9mo

Granddaughter- 6-9mos outfits now maybe (12mos by Christmas)/ 12mo shoes
Grandsons- 3 Pants 3T / Shirts 3T / Shoes 9 little kids
Daughter 1-Jeans 11-12 juniors / 11-12 Shirts/ 8 Shoes
Daughter 2- Jeans 7-8 / 7-8 Shirts / 9 Shoes
Mother- Jeans 7-8 miss / Shirts 7-8 / 8-12 to 9 Shoes
The little boys love to play with cars and trucks
The baby likes toys that make noise and light up
The Family’s wish gift is a TV

Family 3 ~ ADOPTED

Working single mother of 2 daughters and 1 son

Daughter 1 — age 18 Jeans 8 miss / Shirts M / Shoes 8-1/2
Daughter — age 14 Jeans7 Juniors / Shirts S / Shoes 7
Son — 11 Jeans 28×30 men / Shirts M / Shoes 7
Mother — Jeans 16w / Shirts XL / Shoes 7-1/2
Her son loves to play with the WWE wrestling men; he has an xBox 360 and would like the WWE wrestling game to play on his xBox
The 14 year daughter likes board games, fixing up her room in zebra print, and makeup
The family’s wish gift is a computer (theirs was destroyed after the leak from the tree falling on the house during the April storm)

Family 4 ~ ADOPTED

Single mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter

Daughter — Jeans 10 youth / Shirts 10 youth / Shoes 3-1/2
Son 1 — Jeans 7-8 youth / Shirts 7-8 youth / Shoes 2-1/2
Son 2 — Pants 3T / Shirts 3T / Shoes 10 kids
Mother — Jeans 7 miss / Shirts S-M / Shoes 7-1/2
Daughter really likes playing with dolls and learning games
Son 1 really likes superhero action figures
Son 2 likes toys with lights and sounds
The family’s wish gift: pots & pans

Family 5 ~ ADOPTED

Single mother of 4 sons ages 6, 5, and twins age 1. This family was burned out, lost everything in the kid’s room- other parts of the house were smoked out.

Son 1 — Jeans 7 / Shirts 7-8 / Shoes 11-1\2 kids
Son 2 — Jeans 6 / Shirts 5-6 / Shoes 9 kids
Twin 1 — Pants 2T / Shirts 2T / Shoes 5 kids
Twin 2 — Pants 2T / Shirts 2T/ Shoes 5 kids
Mother — Jeans 9 juniors / Shirts M / Shoes 8-1/2
All the kids need some type of learning games, the twins really need something that lights up and talks.
The family’s wish gift: pots & pans

Family 6

Single mother of 3 daughters: 14, 8, and 5. This family lost everything in the fire.

Daughter 1 — age 14: Jeans 0-1 juniors / Shirts XS-S Juniors / Shoes 7-1/2
Daughter 2 — age 8: Jeans 8 slim / Shirts 6-7 youth / Shoes 2-1/2
Daughter 3 — age 5: Jeans 6 slim / Shirts 4-5 youth / Shoes 13 kids
Mother — Jeans 2-4 miss / Shirts Small / Shoes 6
Toys for 8 and 5 year olds: baby dolls and kitchen cooking toys
14 year old: Books and electronics
Family’s wish gift: Kitchen items and Bath towels

Family 7

Single mother with 4 children.

Son 1 — age 10: Sizes: Shirts – adult med.; Pants – 32×30; Jacket – Adult med.; Shoes – 9 (boys) Likes football; Needs: Back Pack
Son 2 — age 13: Sizes: Shirts – adult med: Pants – 30/32; Jacket – Adult med; Shoes: 11 (boys); Likes basketball and to draw. Needs: Back Pack
Daughter 1 — age 18: Sizes: Shirts- small; Pants -3; Jacket – small; Shoes -71/2. Likes: anything involving dance. Needs: Back Pack
Daughter 2 — age 19: Sizes: Shirts – 2x; Pants – 13; Jacket – 2x; Shoes -10. Likes: reading. Needs: Calculator
Mom — Sizes: Shirts – med.; Pants – med; Jacket – med; Shoes -9
Wednesdays are game night for the family. They play board games (would like the new monopoly), twister, word puzzles

Family 8

Single mother with 2 children.

Daughter — age 12: Sizes: Shirts – Large (W); Pants – 14 (W); Jacket – Large(W); Shoes – 9 or 91/2(W). Likes: girly things like make-up and dress-up clothes. Likes to read. Wants: Tablet. Needs: School uniforms (Columbus Middle School).
Son — age 20: Sizes: Shirts – Large; :Pants – 34×32; Jacket – Large; Shoes – 91/2 or 10. Likes: football and basketball and play video games. Wants: a game player (i.e. NBA sports).
Mom — Sizes: Shirts – X Lg.; Pants – 14; Jacket – X Lg.; Shoes – 71/2, Likes: Reading mysteries. Need: Bra’s 38 D
The family likes to play board games and watch movies on TV. They need a new TV.

Family 9 ~ ADOPTED

Single mother with 3 daughters.

Daughter 1 — age 5: Sizes: Shirts – 5/6; Pants – 6x; jackets – med.;shoes – 11. Likes: Dr. McStuffin; Sophia the First. Likes to read (or be read to). Needs: Winter coat and tennis shoes.
Daughter 2 — age 7: Sizes – Shirts – 7 (girls); Pants 7 (girls); Jacket – med.; Shoes – 13. Likes: Monster High, Frozen, singing and dancing, likes to read. Needs: Tennis shoes
Daughter 3 — age 8: Sizes: Shirts – 10 (girls); Pants – 10 (girls); Jacket – Lg.; Shoes – 1 or 2. Likes: Basketball, dolls (monster high, princess, frozen, any thing Disney. Easy Bake Oven. Needs: Winter Coat
Mom — Sizes: Shirts – XLg.; Pants – 16; Jacket – 1X; Shoes -8. Likes: basketball, going to church and reading romance novels. Needs: winter coat. Would like to have a family night (or day) going to the movies or Chucky Cheese or Jumpers. They play board games together.

Family 10

Single mother with 4 daughters.

Daughter 1 — age 10: Sizes: Shirts – girls lg.; Pants – 10 short (girls); Jacket – girls lg.; shoes – 4. Likes: likes dress up clothes, baby dolls, hairbows. Needs: shoes and or boots.
Daughter 2 — age 13: Sizes: Shirts – large (juniors); Pants – 4 juniors; Jackets- Xlg. Junior; Shoes – women’s 5. Likes: fix hair, dress up (not princess), to be outside. Would like a hamster ball. Needs: Shoes and pants
Daughter 3 — age 11: Sizes; Shirts – med. Junior; Pants – 12 skinny; Jacket – Lg. junior; Shoes – 5 women’s. Likes: dress up (not princess), baby dolls, play school. Needs: Shoes.
Daughter — (age 12): Sizes: Shirts – Lg. or X Lg.; Pants – Women’s 12; Jacket – X Lg.; Shoes – Women’s 71/2. Likes: Write in her journal; fix hair. Need: Winter shoes and pants
Mom — Wears all the same sizes as 12 year old daughter. Likes to play card games with her girls. Would like to have a lap top for her children. Needs: cleaning supplies

Family 11

Single mother of 1 daughter.

Daughter — age 12: Sizes: Shirts – med.; Pants – 14; Jacket – 12; Shoes – 71/2. Likes: electronic games; make-up (only allowed eye liner and lip gloss); Police shows. Wants to be an attorney. Would like a “bubble jacket (pink, black or purple) and a flat iron. Needs: Mother couldn’t come up with anything she really needs.
Mom — Sizes: Shirts – large; Pants – 16; Jacket –Lg. or X Lg.; Shoes – 81/2. Likes: baking and sewing. Needs: a sewing machine.
Both would like to get out of their neighborhood and would like to find a small house that they could rent (and possibly purchase) in a more peaceful location.