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WATERFORD, Miss. (WCBI) – There are only a few free weekends left before school starts back up for the kids.

It feels like summer came and went fast.

If you’re looking for a way to make the most of these last weekends, we may have a destination for families of all sizes to experience the outdoors.

It’s been called the hidden jewel of North Mississippi, famous for its Halloween parties, group camping and a famous destination spot for when the Ole Miss football schedule hits in the fall.

“Wall Doxey start in the early 1930s. It is a CCC built park,” said Park Assistant Manager, Lordish Matheney.

Nestled between Oxford and Holly Springs, Wall Doxey State Park gives visitors a great way to experience a relaxing weekend in the outdoors.

“We have a wooded nature trail that’s 2.5 miles long,” Matheney described. “It takes you about 45 minutes to walk that nature trail. It goes around the lake.”

The park’s lake is named “Spring Lake,” and its name is self-explanatory about what’s underneath the park.

“We have a 60 acre spring-fed lake that’s used for fishing, boating, canoeing.”

Matheny tells us the saying at the park is ‘Every 63 hours a new lake sits in Wall Doxey.’

The park also features two camp grounds and two 18-hole disc golf courses.

Wall Doxey has plenty of different lodging options for visitors, including 64 campsites, 17 primitive sites, nine cabins and one cottage.

The park’s Civilian Conservation Corps, or CCC, status makes upkeep expensive on cabins, but Matheny says a new friend of Wall Doxey has started to help with costs and keep these cabins cozy for visitors.

You can also see that CCC, 1930’s style architecture in the park’s main office building, which Matheny tells us is used for just about everything.

“This is what we call our meeting room, which is also our lodge,” the Assistant Manager told us. “We use our meeting room for weddings, family reunions, meetings.”

Wall Doxey has lodging for those large occasions that bring in crowds.

“We have a group camp that sleeps 104 people, which is divided into eight huts that sleep 13 people, and meals are provided,” said Matheney.

Matheny was at Great River Road State Park in Rosedale and made the move to Wall Doxey in 2011.

She says it’s been a big step in her career.

“I love Wall Doxey. Honestly, I do,” Matheney exclaimed. “I love Wall Doxey; it’s been a great experience for me, coming from a small town and moving here and working at a much bigger park. Coming here was a great experience for me.”

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