Longest partial lunar eclipse this century happens Friday morning

COLUMBUS, Mississippi (WCBI) – Astronomy lovers rejoice! The Earth will pass between the moon and sun early Friday morning, creating a partial lunar eclipse.


As this happens, Earth’s shadow will be cast onto the moon, making it appear dimmed or a reddish color for the duration of the partial eclipse. In this case, up to 97% of the moon’s surface will be shadowed by the Earth.


For north Mississippi, the partial eclipse will begin just after midnight and peak just after 3 AM CST. You’ll need to look in the western horizon and locate the moon to see this happen, and no protective eyewear will be needed! The partial eclipse will end shortly before 5 AM, and any shadow eclipse will be complete by 6:04 AM CST.


The good news? The weather will cooperate, you’ll just need lots of jackets if you’re outside. The sky will be clear, but temperatures will be in the 30s!

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