Starkville City Administrator Lynn Spruill Fired

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3 Responses

  1. About Time says:

    Fired? She simply wasn’t rehired. A clear majority acted within their legal prerogatives. This is a political position and so no reasons are needed to not hire or fire anyone. She needed to go if the current board is to have any real power to do what the were elected to do — that is, in part, to roll back the excesses of the last board.

  2. Jerrie McIngvale says:

    Is this Board too young? Perhaps their ambition overrides good judgement? Hard to believe anything they say now. Deceit is deceit. It will hang over them for as long as they are on the Board.

  3. CD Shaw says:

    The board ought to be ashammed firing someone over a personal matter and not giving the other 2 members a chance to know the facts. What can we expect of our state and national govt if our own local govt wants to act independently of what the people want and of unfairly firing someone without all the facts to all the board members. While this is suppose to be America…… all are perfect examples of those in the white house who go and make sure that “there will be done”. Yes you should be ashammed and remember what goes around comes around………….how will you ever trust the board member sitting next to you in your meetings???

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