#24 Ole Miss Falters At Auburn

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2 Responses

  1. Nagg says:

    Ed, I agree with your idea of Mississippi State and Mississippi finding a conference where they would be more competitive in football. Many people argue that we are too competitive in other sports, but we don’t keep up with SEC sports like swimming and soccer. MSU’s baseball team would continue to thrive wherever they were placed. Just look at Rice and Cal-State Fullerton who both have a long history of Division I baseball success. I’m not sure where Ole Miss has been successful.

  2. Ed says:

    Ole Miss falters at Auburn…..is that the best you could come up with. Ole Miss/Hugh Freeze/Bo Wallace just lost to the worst team in the SEC…..remember they didn’t win a SEC game last year. Well now I guess Ole Miss Black Bears can take over the worst team in the SEC roll…..what a joke.

    Why don’t Ole Miss and MSU leave the SEC and join the Mid-American conference…..something they are better suited for cause they dang sure ain’t SEC caliber.

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