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  • Weekend Forecast: Hot, Humid, Isolated Storms

    Saturday Forecast Heat Index

    Saturday Forecast Heat Index

    Sunday Forecast Heat Index

    Sunday Forecast Heat Index

    SATURDAY:  Another day of high heat & humidity is on tap. Sounds great for outdoor activities, eh?  If you will be spending time outdoors be sure to wear sunscreen, hats, and drink plenty of water.  High temperatures will peak around 97 and the heat index may get as high as 105 or 106.  A stray storm can’t be ruled out (especially in Alabama) but the odds are so low that we’re keeping it out of the official forecast for now.

    SATURDAY NIGHT:  The sound you’ll hear around the neighborhood will be the hum of a/c units and fans because lows are only going to fall into the mid 70s. Skies stay clear and the winds stay light.

    SUNDAY:  Hot & humid conditions stick around.  Much like Saturday, actual high temperatures will be around 97 or 98 and those heat indices will soar back into the 100s.  It looks a little more reasonable that a few afternoon and evening storms may fire up across the region.  We’re keep the rain chance at 10% right now but that may go up as new information comes in.

    MONDAY:  We’ll all stand a higher chance of seeing a shower or storm as moisture and a weak front slide in from the east.  The odds of rain are now up to about 40%.  Slightly cooler low 90s are more likely with the increased threat of rain and cloud cover.  I think all of us will welcome the rain & “cooler” temperatures after the excessive heat we’ve been enduring of late.

    TUESDAY:  The best rain chances should shift west of I-55 but a few isolated storms may still pop around our neck of the woods. Because of that we’re going to include a 20% chance of rain in the forecast.  Afternoon highs remain in the low 90s.

    WEDNESDAY: Our area may get sandwiched in between systems and therefore experience a dry day.  Seasonable highs in the low 90s appear realistic.

    LATE WEEK:  A weak front is expected to approach the Twin States from the north.  Will it push all the way through and cool us down?  It’s too early to tell but it does appear that the odds of rain will be going up by Friday or Saturday.  It’s also too early to tell if rain will be a factor for the MSU home opener against Southern Miss.

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