Churches move to streaming services amid coronavirus outbreak


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Due to the coronavirus, gatherings are now limited to no more than 10 people.

So what does this mean for churches?

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In a time of social distancing, churches are now resorting to online streaming of services.

Local pastors said they understand the new changes might be hard for some people, but they are doing all they can to try and conduct services the safest way possible.

Nathaniel Houston, Pastor at Millers Chapel Missionary Church in Macon, said some churches are having trouble adapting to the new changes.

“Some of our churches don’t have social media skills or the equipment but we work hard to make sure that we stay in contact with our members through Facebook through telephone calls staying in touch with them and making sure that whatever needs they have we are able to take care of those needs.”

For those churches who do need help, Pastor Ken Nuss of Fairview Baptist Church in Columbus, is offering to step in and help those churches in need.

“We have offered to do any churches, smaller churches that don’t have the ability to record their sermons or the worship, to bring their pastor into our worship center and record them preaching a message,” said Nuss. “And we can put that on a DVD or thumb drive let them take that and if they need help knowing how to get there on Facebook or on their live stream site we could help them with that as well.”

Timothy Bailey, pastor for a prepared table ministry in Columbus, said this pandemic has given people time to reflect on the good times everyone once had with one another.

“It’s giving us more of an appreciation for the times that we did have, where we could congregate together,” said Bailey. “But I think overall the morality of people should increase. Their faith in their respected religion should increase. We are depending on it more and more now.”

If you have any questions on how your church is handling services during this time, it is advised to contact through social media or by phone.