Coalition Of Groups Issue Warnings About Ballot Initiative 65

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – A coalition of groups are announcing their opposition to a medical marijuana amendment on the Mississippi ballot in November.

Medical experts, law officers, pro family groups , along with clergy and elected officials were on hand for a news conference at the Lee County Sheriff’s Department.

All of the participants claim Initiative 65 will take away rights from cities and the state to tax marijuana.  They also say zoning ordinances could also be impacted.

Doctors and law officers say the passage of Initiative 65 would create many problems.

“As the chief law enforcement officer, we can’t regulate this, you’re talking about can they have it in a home, not have it in a home , this many feet of a place or whatever, somebody has to go out and see that’s taken care of and we don’t have the staff or manpower or resources to do that,” said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson.

“Problems with Ballot Initiative 65 include, the legalization of an unlimited amount of THC content in marijuana, THC is the psycho active component of marijuana that produces the sensation of getting high or stoned,” said Rob Chambers, of AFA Action.

Medical experts at the news conference said there are many safe and legal treatments available for people with a debilitating medical condition. The initiative will be on the November 3rd ballot.

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