Columbus Air Force diversity and inclusion task force speak to students

COLUMBUS,Miss. (WCBI)- Wings Over Columbus Airshow and Stem Expo wrapped up Sunday afternoon.

Nearly 30,000 people in our area and neighboring counties visited the Columbus Air Force Base.

March 26 to 27, community members got the opportunity to learn about military personnel and their duties on base.

The Columbus Air Force Diversity and Inclusion Task force was one of many groups…

Captain Nichole Evans spoke to visitors and students about the mission of the United States Air Force.

“Diversity is important to the Airforce because it expands our talent pool and then we can grab various experiences from all over different parts by diversifying our work force,” said Evans.

And bringing in more jobs…

“We actually are creating a better work force. We’re creating a better environment and bringing more talent so it’s incredibly important for those reasons. Its incredibly important to reach out and find those talent pools and those demographics that we’re lacking. We are only going to be a better Airforce if we can increase those numbers across the board and pull more talent and diversity from that,” said Evans.

Instructor Pilot LT. Delarrion Milner says team encourages others to chase their dreams.

“Just being here at Wings Over Columbus is a case and point so seeing the little kids come in and seeing the plane and everything their eyes light up.

When they see me sitting in the plane and I’m one of the instructors their like ‘ahh man that gives me a target I can shoot for’. Having those faces out there and some one you can look up to and say oh man I can see myself in their position that is definitely super important,” said

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force travels to several colleges and high school throughout Mississippi.

Milner says it’s way to showcase opportunities that are available to students in the future.

” I think it is important to kind of see how the sausage is made and what it actually looks like to be an Airforce officer or enlisted or the different jobs that we do and being in high school that kind of gives them something to shoot for in the future and show them that it is actually obtainable,” said Milner.

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