Columbus mayor briefs city, county leaders on community progress

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – If you want to make things better, get involved. That was one message from Columbus Mayor Keith Gaskin.

Gaskin briefed Columbus and Lowndes County business and community leaders on projects and progress around the city.

Gaskin hit on a number of topics from new software and procedures to streamline the budgeting process in the city to taking action to lower the crime rate to his desire to see a long-range plan to address the long-standing problem of flooding in the city.

When it comes to addressing issues in the city, the mayor encouraged listeners to get involved with the process. He believes that the more people are involved with their city, the more likely they are to find solutions, and a stronger Columbus means a stronger Lowndes County.

“I really believe that Columbus has a citizenry that is more united than divided. We all come to the issues that are facing the city from different perspectives, but as I mentioned here, I am constantly stopped by individuals telling me they’re praying for the city, praying for me, praying for the council, with ideas about how we can improve the city,” said Gaskin.

Gaskin mentioned that a Birmingham group with experience in revitalizing the downtown area there has expressed an interest in working in Columbus.

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